It’s called the “Law Enforcement Protection Act of 2018” and was authored by Rep. Steve Holland. the bill would prevent anyone from driving a vehicle registered with a sign or poster on it,  or mirroring affect to their windshield unless they have a certificate saying they’re authorized to do that.

House Bill 27

  1. his act shall be known as and may be cited as the “Law Enforcement Protection Act of 2018.” SECTION 2. Section 63-7-59, Mississippi Code of 1972, is amended as follows:
  2. No person shall drive any motor vehicle required to be registered in this state upon the public roads, streets or highways in this state with any sign or poster, or with any glazing material which causes a mirrored effect, upon the front windshield, side wings or side or rear windows of the vehicle, other than a certificate or other paper required or authorized to be so displayed by law. No person shall drive any motor vehicle required to be registered in this state upon the public roads, streets or highways in this state with any tinted film, glazing material or darkening material of any kind on the windshield of a motor vehicle except material designed to replace or provide a sun shield in the uppermost area as authorized to be installed by manufacturers of vehicles under federal law.
  • Jen Stevens

    The way I’am reading this article is that the side and rear windows of a car can still have the 28% legal darkness in MS. The emphasis seems to be items placed on the front windshield and mirror tint.

  • Difster

    Screw that. We have too many laws already.

  • Jen Stevens

    It completely amends section 2 of the current window tint law (63-7-59) to get rid of the 28% legal tint limit in MS. This is an awful idea. The current law is completely fair and shouldn’t be touched.