This is why you must vote for Cindy Hyde-Smith 

If you want Republicans to hold Thad Cochran’s seat, Cindy Hyde-Smith is your option. If you want Democrats to take the seat, pray Chris McDaniel makes the run-off this November.

There is a great deal at stake and a lot of moving parts that could complicate the race; however, there is something very simple about this campaign. Of the potential candidates, there is only one Republican who would for sure hold the seat and there is only one who would put the seat and the entire Republican U.S. Senate majority at risk. Cindy Hyde-Smith would hold the seat and Chris McDaniel would put it in peril.

This race could decide whether we have conservative or liberal leadership of the U.S. Senate. Democrat Chuck Schumer would wreak havoc for Donald Trump as the leader of the Senate. That inspires liberals and conservatives. It has the makings of a barn-burner and keep in mind the November 27 run-off is a sure-bet to be the focus of the national political scene for three weeks.

Merle Flowers, Clarion Ledger


  • Daniel Wise

    That stinks of an establishment game. We must vote for a former Democrat who was selected by the political elite who control our state? Nice try Flowers, nice try.

  • NeoNative

    Really? Smith WAS A DEMOCRAT. But you didn’t forget that. It’s typical lying bs from crooks like you who benefit from the cronyism and are afraid of what Chris McDaniel will expose once he’s elected. You should be afraid.

  • JackT

    Merle Flowers is back in the game! Wonder if his family will still stick behind him this time even with his obsession of being in the game. He couldn’t care less about Mississippians, only being in the game of politics, which is raising other people’s money to play with.

    • JohnGalt

      Yep, he doesn’t care whether they’re Democrat or Republican….only that he gets to play ball! He has no values, except for his own self-interest.