About Us

Y’all Politics is the longest running and most respected political news and commentary site in the state of Mississippi.  Founded by Alan Lange in 2004, it has served as the aggregation point for news and opinion with one focus in mind . . . . Mississippi politics.

Our original work has been featured in dozens of publications statewide and nationally, and the site is continually mentioned among the top echelon of political interest websites in national publications.

In 2017, we added a full time reporter, Sarah Ulmer, to cover all things under the Capitol Dome.  She will add a perspective that’s lacking to political news coverage in Mississippi.

You’ll find us on a variety of platforms including Facebook and Twitter.

What you won’t find

What you won’t find on Y’all Politics is huge bloated staffs, us begging for money, offering tax deductions for contributions or trying to sell you that we are something that we are not.  We are run by readers and advertisers . . . not uber-wealthy donors looking for tax write offs or foundations looking to indoctrinate readers through news coverage.

What you will find

What you will find on Y’all Politics is a small, nimble presence that is responsive to the most politically engaged audience in the state of Mississippi.

Advertisers will find unparalleled opportunities to reach voters, customers and influencers in a way that no other site in Mississippi does.

Readers will find “first source content” in a way that makes it easy to not only understand what’s going on, but to drill down into the actual source of the news.  And all of it will be easy to navigate with sources clearly linked and all of it available on a variety of social media platforms.

Advertise with us

Whether you have a business, an issue campaign or are a candidate for office yourself, contact us to learn more about advertising on Y’all Politics.