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Rep. Jim Evans spews racial tirade in ‘analysis’ of the Jackson mayoral election
He calls Horhn a "minstrel man" and Crisler a "cartoon cop"
by Alan Lange
Mississippi State Representative Jim Evans (D) unleashed a racial tirade this week on his political "analysis" of the upcoming Jackson mayoral election in this week's Jackson Advocate (on newsstands now!). Rep. Evans is Chair of the Constitution Committee under House Speaker Billy McCoy (D). Evans is also husband to Sara O'Reilly-Evans, who is currently the City Attorney in Jackson under Mayor Frank Melton.

Evans talks of "cuffes" and "coons" when referring to black politicians that cowtow to "the man" (he is black, by the way). He talks of many of our city leaders as white supremacists and robber barons.

For some off the street wingnut writing in the Jackson Advocate, it'd be one thing. However, Evans is a Representative (though of what we're not quite sure) in the State Legislature.

Read it for yourself.

Crisler and Horhn too costly for mayor
By Representative Jim Evans
April 30, 2009
Jackson Advocate

The Capitol Street Gang has decided who their new slaves will be for the May 5th Democratic primary. This gang, consisting of control-minded thugs like Leland Speed and Billy Mounger, as well as Dixie-rats (sic) like Kane Ditto and William Winter, have lined up behind the Minstrel Man, John Horhn, and that cartoon cop, better known as Marshand Crisler.

The Capitol Street gang has invested over $600,000 in these two slaves to carry out the mission of turning the city over to them. They attempted to do this several years ago through CCI, now known as Dowtown Jackson Partners, but that wasn’t enough for them.

Not only did they try to buy the current Jackson Redevelopment Authority building across the street from City Hall to oversee their so-called plantation, but now they want to be the puppet masters calling the shots. Charles Tisdale and Henry Kirksey would turn over in their graves if they thought that the African American community in Jackson would be fooled enough to fall for this trickery.

This low-down bunch of robber barrons and white supremacists cannot be given the keys to City Hall ever again. They have proven time and time again that their greedy self-interests will be to the detriment of our community. They have done everything to take Jackson back to the days when we were punished for taking a stand while they were sucking the city’s resources dry.

The only thing standing in their way is a strong black person in the mayor’s office. A free person, a person that doesn’t act like a cuffe or a coon in front of the self-proclaimed elite. In order for Jackson to move ahead, we have to be in charge, not black folks that act as gatekeepers or yes-men to this evil power structure.

That is why it is important for us to show up on Election Day May 5th, and vote in record numbers. They are expecting us to be tired of all of the commercials and to be frustrated enough to not participate. We cannot sit this election, or any election for that matter, out.

We must show up and defeat any efforts the Capitol Street Gang has in place to take this city away from us. People like the Capitol Street Gang, who are vile and greedy, should never be rewarded for their efforts.

I am drawing attention to this article, not because I agree with anything in it (I don't), but to point out that an elected official in our Mississippi House actually thinks, acts and talks in this way. It's important for people with an IQ over 90 to see what is happening in Jackson. There is such a palpable disconnect between the "haves" and the "have nots" and never the two shall meet it seems. That is why so many Jacksonians can't understand why some of the people we elect or appoint in city government actually get elected and appointed. I think both Horhn and Crisler would laugh about Evans and that's why I don't mind putting it out there. Having people read this won't hurt them in the least. In fact, it might help both of them.

Meanwhile, Speaker McCoy might want to look down his leadership roster and make sure that the views of those he's chosen reflects his own.

Posted May 1, 2009 - 5:56 pm

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