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BILL MINOR: Gunn’s action: Heavy-handed power

It’s no wonder charter schools are championed by Republicans, whose mantra has been privatizing government functions wherever they can. They don’t think government can run anything (try telling that to Sandy-stricken New Yorkers and Jersyites.)

Adding charter schools – a new, untried layer on top of this poor state’s valiant effort to provide quality public education for 480,000 young citizens – is a scheme fraught with a dangerous downside of funneling scarce tax money earmarked for education into the hands of private companies. Of note: 50 school districts which so far have filed copies of their 2013 budgets with the Department of Education, 20 reported they must raise local school taxes in January to balance their budgets. (The feel-good trick of legislative anti-taxers: Pass needed tax hikes down to the next level.)

Bill Minor
Daily Journal

Posted November 30, 2012 - 2:49 pm

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