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Cecil Brown: Expansion of Medicaid will be worth it in long run

There have been a number of recent media reports about the proposed expansion of the Medicaid program in Mississippi. The issue will be before the 2013 Legislature. Any changes to the program, including the expansion, will require legislative action and approval by the governor.

Recently, the Mississippi University Research Center produced a report on the economic and budget impacts of such an expansion. Based on that report, here are some facts about the proposed expansion:

The expansion will provide medical coverage for an initial 215,000-280,000 adult Mississippians who are currently uninsured. These folks are primarily the “working poor” — for example single people working minimum wage jobs and families of four with incomes below $31,000 per year but with incomes that are too high to qualify for the current Medicaid program. Currently, the adults in a family of four earning $10,000 a year earn too much to qualify for Medicaid in Mississippi.

The expansion will immediately create 4,000 new jobs at no net cost to the state and, by 2017, a total of 9,000 new jobs.

Clarion Ledger

Posted December 3, 2012 - 1:28 pm

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