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Dickie Scruggs oral argument at the 5th circuit
Listen to it and weep
by Alan Lange
On March 4, Dickie Scruggs appealed his 2255 case to the 5th Circuit.

Patsy Brumfield covered it. One interesting point that Brumfield missed or omitted was a pretty direct point where the judges basically threw Zach Scruggs 2255 case at the 5th back in Chip Robertson's face.

Here is the actual recording of the arguments.

My prediction remains the same. I think Dickie, like his son before him, will strike out at the 5th. I think he'll appeal to the US Supreme Court, further dragging out the agony. I think he will fail there. The only question in my mind that remains is that if/when the 5th Circuit finds against him, will he go back to jail to serve his last two years.

Posted March 12, 2013 - 11:31 am

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