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Bill Minor - State should not use Sandyhook shooting as economic development tool

Forget about Dennis Rodman's showboat sortie into the frigid Korean peninsula where very few Americans have met the reclusive, plump dictator with the weird haircut. Concentrate on the Gunn gambit which came from about as far out of left field as did the bejeweled Rodman. This outlier state doesn't have to try very hard to make itself the butt of late night comedians, but using the slaughter of 20 innocent children by a gunman in a Connecticut elementary school as an economic development tool defies credulity.

The Gunn bid to woo gun factories has apparently fallen flat with firearms manufacturers, as it should. Perhaps it should be sweetened by the Republican-controlled Legislature which has been quite innovative (is that the word for it?) in making Mississippi competitive in the national mania to glorify gun "rights." Maybe changing the state motto to "Mississippi the Pistol Packer's Paradise?"

Already Gov. Phil Bryant has signed a bill exempting gun ownership licenses from the state's public records law, obviously to keep any of the state's newspapers from publishing names of gun owner licensees as happened in up-state New York.

All sorts of "carry" bills have been floating around the Legislature to make sure citizens who want to tote firearms concealed -- or not concealed --into a public place can do so. Evidently Texas is way out front on packin' -- judging from a photo in The New York Times last week showing a member of that state's legislature entering the chamber with a holstered pistol in plain view.

Bill Minor

Posted March 14, 2013 - 1:11 pm

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