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Plaintiff rests following testimony alleging voter fraud by close allies of DuPree

Witnesses Charles Lindsey and Marcus Merritt testified about voter fraud allegedly committed by individuals associated with the DuPree campaign.

Lindsey testified while incarcerated in the Forrest County Detention Center at the time of the election, Chief Deputy Charles Bolton told him he would be released from jail if he voted in favor of DuPree.

Lindsey stated arrangements were made through the Rev. Kenneth Fairley, DuPree's longtime pastor at Mount Carmel Baptist Church, to have him driven to a voting precinct to cast his ballot.

Merritt took the stand just before noon Friday and was questioned about his whereabouts on Election Day. He testified he was staying in San Antonio with relatives on June 4 and had been there for two months prior to the election.

Ware attorneys produced the poll receipt book from the Dixie Pine precinct showing a signature by Merritt’s name indicating someone cast a ballot in his name. Merritt testified he did not vote in the election and could not have because he was in Texas.

Clarion Ledger

Posted July 26, 2013 - 8:07 pm

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