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A Historic Effort: Defending the Chris McDaniel Campaign

A few days ago the leftwing website Politico named the Chris McDaniel campaign as one of the worst of 2014, comparing his effort to those of serial liar Wendy Davis of Texas, the drab Pat Roberts of Kansas, and others, many which were actually flops. Unsurprisingly, the establishment hacks at Y’all Politics couldn’t resist reprinting the nonsense on its site the same day.

Nor could Sam Hall, who, in his Clarion Ledger column yesterday took the same shot at McDaniel by citing the Politico story.

So, who really cares what Politico has to say anyway? It’s a Democratic, leftist site created solely to challenge the Drudge Report. Their opinions are irrelevant to conservative Mississippians.

MS Conservative Daily

Posted September 29, 2014 - 6:41 am

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