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From the award winning YP Memory Division, on the latest McDaniel FEC report on page 424, there are four entries of payments to the Liberty Action Center. You'll remember them for a relatively shady outbound phone call on McDaniel's behalf back in early July (post-runoff) testing support for a petition used to support the McDaniel challenge efforts. LAC actually had people answering the phones as if they were the McDaniel campaign itself. Sam Hall at the Clarion Ledger got that scoop.

Now the interesting thing is that after McDaniel lost the runoff on June 24, he was technically not a candidate anymore. From sources YP has talked to, though there is some murkiness to it, that made McDaniel free to coordinate with outside groups like LAC, which he would not have been able to do as a candidate. That's still an open item of sorts.

Regardless, for Liberty Action center to categorize the expenditures as "Facility Rental/Catering Expenses" doesn't seem to pass the straight face test. Unless they're selling corndogs or something.

McDaniel still retained $143 COH so that he could cover any leftover legal costs (that totaled over $275K during Q3) and still pay off his $100K loan to himself.

Posted October 27, 2014 - 7:31 am

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