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We interrupt our coverage to bring you this special report.

On Friday, the MS Supreme Court in a split decision decided to inject some sanity back into the universe and rejected the appeal of Chris McDaniel and affirmed the lower court ruling.

Since McDaniel’s crew spent a cool $287,000 on trial lawyers for legal fees, according to their Q3 FEC report, it’s hard to imagine that they will go out seeking another legal fight in federal court. He has enough now to shut down the circus and pay the $100K loan to himself. Whether or not he’ll do that is anyone’s guess.

His non-concession response to the ruling was predictable.

"Republicans in Mississippi are still left wanting for justice after June's Republican primary was decided by more than 40,000 Democrats," McDaniel said. "Worse yet, the courts refused even to hear our challenge," he continued.

"But now it is time to turn the page and work to enact true conservative change in Mississippi and in Washington, D.C.," McDaniel continued. "It is my hope that conservatives in Mississippi will view this decision as a motivating factor to get involved in Republican politics so we can change our state for the better for future generations."
"In the coming days, I'll be asking conservatives to join us as we continue our fight for principled leadership,"

But this whole deal now puts the McDaniel camp in a weird space.

There are basically three options for a McDaniel voter.

1. Vote for Travis Childers, Harry Reid and Barack Obama in defiance
2. Write-in Chris McDaniel in protest
3. Vote for the Republican Nominee Thad Cochran to support a Republican takeover of the US Senate even if you're mad about the runoff

Looking at social media comments, there seem to be McDaniel supporters scattering across all three options essentially diffusing any focused impact they’d have.

Here’s the problem for McDaniel. If he tells his minions to votes for Travis Childers in protest, which I think he wants to do but is scared to, he exposes that he in fact is not the sharp edge of 187,000 focused voters, but rather at the dull edge of 18,000 zealots. Even if he does endorse Childers, Childers still loses, though it would get more interesting. If that happens, Childers won't be able to hold Democrats on his side, who expressed real concern for McDaniel's message and they'd likely flee in droves. If he supports Cochran at this point, it makes absolutely no difference. He and the folks around him have shown their ass enough to where that doesn’t move the needle and it wouldn’t look conciliatory anyway. The Republican party for this cycle has moved on without him. If folks write him in, it’s the ultimate exercise in futility.

Let’s talk bluntly. McDaniel threw his hat in the ring when no one else would. Folks are mad at DC and justifiably so and he made himself an alternative and a conduit for their anger. Good for him. He had an obscene amount of money spent for him that will likely never be repeated, and that certainly didn’t hurt. Had he used that to put good folks around him, he’d likely be measuring the curtains in DC right now. But I’ve always said that over time you cannot hide what you really are. And he didn’t. Thankfully, people figured it out.

Now we wait till next year to see the grandiose scheme and whether he can repeat the trick. If he runs against Phil Bryant or Tate Reeves, I doubt it.

That's the way it was – Day 125 of the McDaniel Hostage Crisis.

Good day Mississippi - and good luck.

Posted October 27, 2014 - 8:28 am

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