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Not that you’d know it from reading the newspaper, but a lawsuit that was much ballyhooed by the print media was dismissed for a second time last week.

Hal Neilson, who served as the CEO of the penny stock outfit Here Enterprises (since delisted), had his jihad against former US Attorney Jim Greenlee and his former team in the US Attorney’s office has resulted in poorly conceived and executed lawsuits that have been dismissed over and over again. However, he’s gotten great press coverage when he files sensational claims. The problem for Neilson has been backing those claims up. At all. In any venue.

Dismissal of Hal Neilson's lawsuit against former USA Jim Greenlee

This time, Neilson had filed a lawsuit against Greenlee, but never pulled the trigger on serving it. They amended the lawsuit to buy more time, but finally last week, District Judge Mike Mills had enough and dismissed the lawsuit for lack of service of process.

It will be interesting to see if the Lloyd Gray and the folks at the Daily Journal will cover this, now that Patsy Brumfield is gone, with the same fanfare that they went after Greenlee and promoted Neilson’s talking points that even he was too weak-kneed to argue in court.

No one in North Mississippi is holding their breath.

Posted December 1, 2014 - 4:33 pm

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