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Why a Mississippi Republican is now a Democrat

I was tempted to compare this to a blue moon, but c’mon – blue moons are practically common compared to stories like these.

Keep in mind, Mississippi isn’t exactly a competitive battleground for Democrats. The governor’s office and state legislature are controlled by conservative Republicans, and most statewide offices are held by the GOP. There have been a large number of party-switchers over the last couple of decades in Mississippi, but they’ve all moved away from the Dems, not towards the Dems.

The Affordable Care Act, meanwhile, probably isn’t the most popular idea in the Magnolia State.

And yet, here we have a former two-term state senator not only walking away from Republicans, but doing so in part because his party won’t embrace Medicaid expansion through the ACA.

Rachel Maddow

Posted February 6, 2015 - 1:22 pm

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