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Gary Pettus: Chris McDaniel needs to 'conserve' energy

He must believe the state that frequently holds the title of the Most Conservative in the Union falls short of its reputation. That it's living a lie, and it's time to turn things around.

Before we're overrun with Volvo-driving, Guinness-swilling, granola-munching, tree-hugging, climate-change-believing heathens and infidels.

He's so unconceded

The defeated, but never-conceding, politico expressed his concerns during his recently completed tour of the state to promote the PAC he created. Its purpose: to "try to restore conservatism."

He's going to try. In Mississippi, of all places....

...Then, if he's up to it, he should try and spread the word of Catholicism to the Pope, the word of capitalism to the Chamber of Commerce, the word of absenteeism to deadbeat dads, the word of perfectibilism to Martha Stewart, the word of reductionism to the New England Patriots, and the word of God to Billy Graham.

McDaniel has always been good at spreading the word. But, when it comes to the need to "restore conservatism" to Mississippi, he had better spread it on thick.

Clarion Ledger

Posted February 10, 2015 - 5:38 am

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