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Wyatt Emmerich: Non-profit journalism

As our new Republican leaders champion "public-private partnerships," it's getting harder to separate the interests of government from the interests of the elite business class. A news source dependent on the largesse of our wealthiest citizens is ridden with conflict.

As far as I know, no Mississippi newspaper has ever received or accepted a direct cash contribution. I seriously doubt any newspaper would accept one, given the grave ethical conflicts such a cash payment would pose.

So what is to be done? Let's hope the proliferation of social media, blogs and instant communication allows us to do more with less original content. In addition, blogs allow individuals to self-report in a way that adds crucial information, even though often riddled with inaccuracies. As citizens we will have to do more self editing.

Wyatt Emmerich
Commercial Dispatch

Posted May 25, 2016 - 8:50 pm

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