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Take Five: Roger Wicker

I don’t remember anybody — even during all the talk about the birth certificate — refusing to go to President Obama’s inauguration. I’ve been to them all, and honestly, I’ve been to every State of the Union.

Sometimes, all of these duties become tedious and sometimes, I’d rather just watch the State of the Union at home in my pajamas. But I always go, regardless of who the president is, because I think it’s my duty. ...

...A: I think I’m living my American dream.

I wanted to be a lawyer and the opportunities presented themselves. I had hoped for an opportunity to be in public service. I joined the Air Force and I attended Ole Miss on an ROTC scholarship. So, I was in the Air Force for four years as a judge advocate, then I came up here right after that for two years on Congressman [Trent] Lott’s staff. I was in student government and my dad was a state senator and a judge. I’ve been in a family and around people who were engaged in public service.

Roll Call

Posted January 19, 2017 - 10:53 am

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