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Palazzo supports bill to shutter EPA

“The EPA is a prime example of federal agency overreach, and they have far surpassed their original intent," Palazzo said in a statement. “Ultimately, I believe state regulatory organizations can develop and implement environmental regulations better than bureaucrats in Washington, DC.”

The measure, which experts and environmentalists say is unlikely to pass even the Republican-controlled Congress, has still attracted national attention. It has also drawn the ire of some Mississippians, including some in Palazzo’s district.

“Anybody with a lick of sense knows that this is just a showboating gesture and a really nihilistic gesture," said Robert Wiygul, an environmental lawyer in Ocean Springs. “If Mr. Palazzo is serious about this, then he has absolutely no understanding about what the EPA does or what the issues are that are associated with that."

Clarion Ledger

Posted February 10, 2017 - 1:12 pm

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