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Pine Belt representatives on state flag debate

The state House passed a bill Wednesday saying Mississippi State University and The University of Southern Mississippi could not receive certain tax breaks unless they display the flag....

...Fourteen representatives voted for it:

Shane Barnett: District 86, Greene, Perry, Wayne counties
Larry Byrd: District 104, Forrest County
John Glen Corley, District 106, Lamar, Pearl River counties
Mark Formby, District 108, Pearl River
Chris Johnson: District 87, Forrest, Lamar counties
Timmy Ladner: District 93, Hancock, Pearl River, Stone counties
Vince Mangold, District 53, Franklin, Jefferson Davis, Lawrence, Lincoln, Pike counties
Ken Morgan: District 100, Lamar, Marion  counties 
Bill Pigott: District 99, Lamar, Marion, Walthall counties
Donnie Scoggin: District 89, Jones County
William Shirley: District 84, Clarke, Jasper, Newton counties
Gary Staples: District 88, Jasper, Jones counties
Brad Touchstone: District 101, Lamar County
Mark K. Tullos: District 79, Jasper, Smith counties

Five voted against it:

Toby Barker: District 102, Forrest, Lamar counties
Bob Evans: District 91, Copiah, Covington, Jefferson Davis, Lawrence, Simpson counties 
Roun S. McNeal: District 105, George, Greene, Perry counties
Omeria Scott: District 80, Clarke, Jasper, Jones counties
Percy W. Watson: District 103, Forrest County

Noah L. Sanford, representing District 90, Covington, Jefferson Davis, Simpson counties, did not vote.


Posted March 10, 2017 - 2:48 am

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