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Radio Show Recap: Mar 15

4:30PM ET - Governor Phil Bryant of Mississippi drops by the show to discuss the AHCA and how Republican Governors across the nation feel about the proposed new plan. Bryant is one of the few people to take the initiative and call Dr. Josh Umbehr to discuss his innovative approach to medicine with a cooperative that gives real healthcare solutions. 

Even Vice President Mike Pence’s former lieutenant governor Eric Holcomb, who became Indiana’s governor when Pence was sworn in as VP, wants the state’s Medicaid expansion protected.Others governors, such as Matt Bevin of Kentucky, Paul LePage of Maine and Phil Bryant of Mississippi, are echoing sentiments from conservative members of Congress and conservative organizations that do not believe the bill is conservative enough."Republican voters who gave majorities to both chambers and delivered the White House do not want Obamacare Lite," Bryant wrote on Facebook on March 8. "I know it takes tremendous courage to turn back an entitlement once it is in place. But with $20 trillion in national debt, we best start making some tough decisions."

Sean Hannity Show

Posted March 16, 2017 - 8:31 am

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