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CHARLIE MITCHELL: State hospital finances on roller coaster

A healthier Mississippi with more medical services, specifically for the underserved, was a hallmark of Gov. Phil Bryant’s stump speech when he was running for office.

It continued as a theme in Bryant’s first State of the State address, now more than five years ago: “We must be mindful of the increasing demand for health care, realizing that collaboration of all health care providers is the only way to achieve success. We must heal together, research together and find better ways to serve our citizens together,” he said. Bryant painted a picture of a vibrant medical corridor in the state capital, rivaling those in Houston and Memphis, and talked about medical zones across the rest of the state with tax incentives to add doctors in rural areas.

It hasn’t happened. Instead, hospitals large and small are sitting in a bowl of financial spaghetti created by the whims of lawmakers and regulators in Jackson and Washington.

Daily Journal

Posted March 29, 2017 - 7:32 am

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