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Governor sets record straight on health care: column

Time and space will not allow me to continue to record the many successes of our efforts to expand collaboration, research and innovation in healthcare in Mississippi. Obviously, in Charlie Mitchell’s academic world, any effort to improve healthcare is a broken promise if it does not include the expansion of Obamacare, particularly Medicaid. He is right about one thing in his misguided article: My concerns have come true. Expansion of Medicaid, especially to able-bodied adults, has left many states fearful they will have to pay a larger share of their Medicaid costs.

Such a scenario would have devastated Mississippi’s budget, resulting in deep cuts to agencies, including Mr. Mitchell’s employer. As a highly paid professor, Mr. Mitchell should realize this would have left his classroom with fewer journalism students. If his column is a reflection of what he’s teaching his students, they might have been better off without his class.

Phil Bryant
Clarion Ledger Op-ED

Posted March 31, 2017 - 11:31 am

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