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CHARLIE MITCHELL: When others talk policy, Rep. Holland talks people

“Nemesis” is a good word. No two ways about it, Mississippians, starting about 1990, have increasingly elected “business-minded” Republicans to serve as governors, senators and representatives. Several former Democrats fled the party in order to avoid being tagged as in step with the far more liberal national party.

Not Holland. He is no “snowflake,” the term used these days to describe progressives who whine and complain about life’s unfairness. He’s just “people-minded” in the mold of great populists who focus their thinking and their actions on what legislation means to the proverbial little guy.

In that capacity, his job has been to rankle the leadership in recent years. When they talk about policy, he talks people.

Daily Journal

Posted May 2, 2017 - 8:20 am

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