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State lawmakers recap special session

House Pro Tem Greg Snowden and Rep. Charles Young, Jr., shared the high points with city and county leaders at the Council of Governments.

“It was a fairly defined straightforward agenda and we were able to accomplish it in one day. We began at ten o'clock in the morning and we left the Capitol about ten thirty that evening," said Snowden.

The legislature approved several items and each of those measures will be signed into law. Lawmakers were slightly disappointed.

“The House took up the appropriations measure for MDOT and we passed it. We also took up the appropriations measure for the attorney general's office and we passed that. We passed the two measures for the secretary of state's office also. The Senate likewise passed the same appropriations bills for MDOT and the attorney general's office and the same additional monies for the secretary of state,” said Young.


Posted June 13, 2017 - 6:54 am

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