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House vacancies mean speaker will make new appointments

At any rate, all three, Formby, Monsour and Barker, have attractive committee assignments that multiple House members would like to garner when Gunn reshuffles the committees to address the vacancies.

All three have coveted spots on the two money committees. Monsour and Barker serve on the Appropriations Committee, while Formby serves on Ways and Means.

Formby and Barker chair newly created committees that have been given significant responsibilities by the speaker. Formby chairs the General Bills Committee while Barker heads the Performance-based Budgeting Committee. Monsour chairs the Ports, Harbors and Airports Committee.

It is likely that the speaker will wait until all vacancies are filled before announcing new committee assignments.

Daily Journal

Posted June 13, 2017 - 7:03 am

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