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Adcock: Attempts to meet with Mayor Barker regarding Bellevue 'have been rebuffed'

Twelve days before a return hearing on the possible incorporation of Bellevue, the proposed mayor of that community has issued a statement expressing his disappointment at what he perceives as a lack of communication and cooperation on Hattiesburg Mayor Toby Barker's part.

In the statement, which was sent to media Wednesday, John Adcock states he has tried unsuccessfully since Barker was elected in June to arrange a meeting regarding Bellevue incorporation.

"I have made every effort to extend a hand of friendship to (Barker's) administration and to open communication with them on behalf of the residents of Bellevue," the statement reads. "I strongly believe that it is in everyone’s best interest that the City of Hattiesburg and the future City of Bellevue choose to be allies and not adversaries.

Hattiesburg American

Posted September 14, 2017 - 6:25 am

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