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Sen. Chris McDaniel 'at peace' with run for higher office, but he won't say which one yet

Republican state Sen. Chris McDaniel said Monday he's "at peace" and will make an announcement "in a matter of weeks" about his political future....

..."I've come to peace with one of those seats," said McDaniel, R-Ellisville. "Internally, I'm at peace. I will make an announcement one way or the other in a matter of weeks."

...McDaniel does not appear to have created a federal campaign committee or raised money yet for a federal race, although Bannon has reportedly been talking with campaign financiers on his behalf. One wealthy anti-establishment GOP financier, the Robert Mercer family, recently donated $50,000 to a new "Remember Mississippi" super PAC set up by Susan Perkins, an assistant at McDaniel's law firm in Laurel.

Clarion Ledger

Posted November 14, 2017 - 7:42 am

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