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Mayor Barker proposes tax increase for Hub City

Mayor Toby Barker is requesting a 3-mill tax increase for the Hub City to help fund a new fire station, police station and adjoining municipal court.

“A 3 mill increase means about $30 to $35 on a $100 thousand house,” Barker said. “However, a silver lining is that if you live in the Hattiesburg Public School District area, the amount of millage they needed this year due to reassessment, to fulfill their budget requests actually went down, so the net millage increase between city and school district is only .26.”

That .26 equals out to roughly $2 to $3 according to Barker.

“You have to look at where we are in public safety," Barker said. "We’re at a crossroads in both our Hattiesburg police department and Hattiesburg fire department."


Posted September 7, 2017 - 4:17 am

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