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Lott, Dorgan Team Up on Energy Policy

At first blush, Republican Trent Lott, the loquacious former Senate majority leader from Mississippi, and Democrat Byron Dorgan, the quiet and precise former senator from North Dakota, don’t have much in common. But they have joined forces to run the Strategic Energy Policy Initiative at the Bipartisan Policy Center, an influential group that’s helped to shape federal policy on both energy and health care—and that has the ear of the White House and congressional leaders. Lott and Dorgan are writing a set of energy-policy recommendations, to be released in January, designed for passage in the gridlocked upper chamber. There’s reason to think that Congress and the White House will take note: Dorgan is rumored to be on President Obama’s short list to be Energy secretary, and Lott has experience with wrangling policy through the Senate. Edited excerpts of their interview with National Journal follow.


National Journal

Posted November 30, 2012 - 1:36 pm

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