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PSC official gets DeSoto buzz on broadband problems

Danny Thomas of the rural Love community south of Hernando hopes that Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley and DeSoto officials will put him and others struggling to get adequate cell and Internet service on the federal map.

"I hope so," said Thomas, a former communications employee who rose from lineman to digital technician doing "T-line" high-speed maintenance. "And we hope he can get some competition going and services our way. It's going to be hard — the companies just don't think they're going to get their money, their revenue."

Thomas was among several citizens Monday who joined First Regional Library system officials and city leaders, including Mayor Chip Johnson, at Hernando's Gale Center to hear about Presley's efforts to secure or boost broadband services and to lob concerns.

Commercial Appeal

Posted January 15, 2013 - 1:33 pm

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