Connect Americans Now Executive Director Richard T. Cullen released the following statement regarding President Trump’s speech before the American Farm Bureau Federation and the release of the Rural Prosperity Task Force Report, which highlights the administration’s commitment to rural broadband:

“No one has more grit and determination than American farmers, and we are excited to hear that President Trump is focused on unleashing that productivity by bringing broadband service into more rural communities,” said Connect Americans Now Executive Director Richard T. Cullen. “23.4 million rural Americans still don’t have any access to broadband, which not only limits the use of precision agriculture but holds back students, freezes growth opportunities for small businesses, and eliminates potentially life-saving options for telemedicine. We can close the digital divide in five years with the right combination of fiber-based, satellite, and wireless technologies, including TV white spaces. Connect Americans Now looks forward to working with President Trump, Congress, and the FCC to reserve spectrum for broadband in TV white spaces and unlock the incredible possibilities that a modern communications infrastructure can offer in rural America.”

Connect Americans Now Press Release