District Attorney Michael Guest running for Congress to replace Gregg Harper in #MS03

“It’s something I have been thinking for some time, that if a congressional seat ever became vacant, I would consider it,” Guest said Friday. “… Instead of being in a courtroom fighting for victims of crime, I would like to take that same skill set to Washington, D.C., and fight for the people of Mississippi in the halls of Congress.”

Guest said some issues he’d like to focus on in Congress include opioid addiction and deaths, immigration laws, infrastructure needs and military funding.

“Immigration is an issue that needs to be addressed,” Guest said. “We need immigration laws and policy that are uniform nationwide … We have great infrastructure needs, roads and bridges, water and sewer. This recent weather has shown the problems here in the metro.

“I am a strong proponent of making sure the military is properly funded,” Guest said. “We need to make sure our men and women willing to go into harm’s way have the equipment and training they need to do their job and return home safely.”