Rep. Chris Bell

Rep. Bell has submitted a bill that could aid in combating personal hygiene problems of the homeless or people who don’t often have access to restroom and shower facilities. The bill HB 124 would be called the Mobile Personal Hygiene Pilot Program Act of 2018 and would be established within Jackson State University.

House Bill 124

  1. This act shall be known, and may be cited, as the “Mobile Personal Hygiene Pilot Program Act of 2018.”
  2. SECTION 2. (1) (a) There is established within the Jackson State University School of Public Health a three-year mobilepersonal hygiene pilot program, hereinafter referred to as the”pilot program,” to provide a mobile facility that travels throughout the State of Mississippi and provides shower and bathroom facilities to individuals who are homeless, to enable such individuals to tend to their personal hygiene. (b) The pilot program shall be administered by the Jackson State University School of Public Health, in conjunction with the Aaron and Ollye Shirley Foundation.