Prior to the Gulf Coast Legislative Reception, an event typically anticipated by most politicos in Mississippi, an incident occurred between lobbyist Scott Levanway and Harrison County Supervisor Beverly Martin. From the Clarion Ledger account …

District 1 Supervisor Beverly Martin said she was trying to introduce new Harrison County supervisors Angel Kibler-Middleton and Kent Jones to lobbyist Scott Levanway when the incident occurred.

Martin said she had just gotten the words out, “Scott, I want to introduce you to…” when he interrupted and said, “Suck my d—.”

Levanway then allegedly softened the proposition, telling Jones he had told Martin, “I want a b— job.”

Levanway tried to play off is a joke gone horribly wrong but later apologized.

“I made an ill-advised and totally unacceptable comment that was intended as a joke,” Levanway said. “My judgment was poor and I sincerely apologize for my offensive behavior. I take total responsibility for the distress I caused to Beverly by my words.

“This was totally out of character for me, it does not reflect my respect for Beverly nor my appreciation for our long friendship. I hope that she can forgive me. My parents taught me that a good man takes responsibility for his mistakes and then makes them right. While I cannot erase the offense, I am taking full responsibility. And while I cannot make it right, and will not attempt to justify it, I will learn from it. And I will redouble my life-long commitment to respecting women and behaving in a way that reflects my true values.”

No word on reaction from the firm’s clients, although the Girl Scouts, originally rumored to be clients, went out of their way to put distance between their brand and Levanway’s.