Today, Republican Whit Hughes announced his candidacy to run for Congress from the Third Congressional District of Mississippi. Hughes is viewed by many as one of the top business leaders, economic developers and advocates for the state of Mississippi.

Since 2013, Whit served as Foundation President and Chief Development Officer for Baptist Health Systems. Hughes worked alongside Gov. Haley Barbour as the Deputy Director of Mississippi Development Authority during the Barbour administration. Whit began his professional career serving as Deputy Director of the Republican National Committee’s Eagles Program and Finance Director for former U.S. Senator Elizabeth Dole’s initial Senate campaign.

Whit attended Mississippi State University as a two-sport student-athlete. While earning an undergraduate degree and graduate degree, he was recognized multiple times as a member of the Academic All-SEC team. Whit is well-known for being the “Sixth Man” on the celebrated 1996 Final Four team.

Whit and Shelley, his wife of twenty years, reside in Madison with their three children (Phillip, Pax and Presley).

Statement from Whit Hughes:

“As I look at my family, I am concerned about what the future holds for our country and our state. Today in Mississippi, I see a middle-class that is shrinking instead of growing. Communities are struggling and, while the challenges we face may be complex, the solutions are simple: better jobs and a stronger economy.”

“I have spent my career fighting for better quality jobs, better paying jobs, and economic growth in Mississippi. I have a real understanding of how much retaining one dozen existing jobs means to a rural town just as locating one thousand new jobs would be significant to an entire region of our state.”

“I believe I am the best conservative candidate for this position. I believe voters are ready for a leader to step forward…a fighter…somebody with character and backbone that will go to Capitol Hill and drive legislation that aligns with Mississippi

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