Today, Public Service Commission Chairman Brandon Presley issued the following statement concerning the 2018 regular United States Senate race:

“I am humbled and very grateful to the many Mississippians, Democrats, Republicans and Independents, who have contacted me and offered their support should I enter this year’s scheduled U. S. Senate race. After much contemplation, I have decided to not be a candidate for the U. S. Senate. A 2018 campaign would take me away from my duties to our state and divert my attention away from issues that I feel are very important, expansion of high-speed internet service and natural gas to rural areas, along with protecting ratepayers in the Kemper County Power Plant rate case, just to name a few. In the coming days, I plan to call on Senator Wicker and Senator Cochran to support the resolution pending in the Senate to stop the FCC’s repeal of Net Neutrality rules.

I simply didn’t want my stance on this vitally important issue to Mississippi to be viewed as political grandstanding by someone who is looking to run for the Senate. The repeal of Net Neutrality will increase internet costs and reduce quality of service for Mississippians. Rural Mississippi, much of which I represent, will be further behind in getting internet service and that’s unacceptable because of the FCC’s desire to pad the pockets of big telecom corporations.

Again, I’m sincerely grateful for the words of encouragement, pledges of volunteers, financial support and prayers.. Had I run and been elected, I would have gone to Washington to serve ALL Mississippians, not one political party. We need more of that on all levels of government. “

Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley Press Release