It would probably be wise of you to keep your litter inside a trashcan. HB 243 authored by Rep. Sandford will increase the penalties for littering, and hold the “litterer” liable for any damage done.


House Bill 243

  1. BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI: SECTION 1. Section 97-15-29, Mississippi Code of 1972, is amended as follows:
  2.  (1) Anyone who shall put, throw, dump or leave on the roads and highways of this state, or within the limits of the rights-of-way of such roads and highways, or upon any private property, any cigarette or cigar stubs, or any other thing or substance likely to ignite the grass or underbrush on a road or  highway, in addition to being civilly liable for all damages caused by such act shall, upon conviction, be guilty of a misdemeanor and punished as provided by subsection (3) of this section.