Another equal pay amendment was added to HB 1241, a bill that would prevent local government from increasing the minimum wage in their jurisdiction.

On Friday Rep. Alyce Clarke offered an amendment that would require employers to pay each gender an equal amount for the same job if the performance requires equal skill, effort, and responsibility. The bill passed, which meant history in the state could be made for equal pay laws if it makes it through the Senate.  On Tuesday Rep. Mark Baker more language to replace Rep. Clarke’s original amendment.

He reassured her and other Representatives that questioned the language that nothing in his amendment would do “violence” to what Rep. Clarke’s amendment offered. He said his intention was only to make the bill better and that he had consulted legal counsel on the language.

In his amendment Rep. Baker made reference to the Equal Pay Act of 1963, which is the federal equal pay law, to ensure that rates shall be the same for employees of the opposite sex. He also included an ending provision that if an employer were to violate this law then the employee would be entitled to seek remedies, damages, attorney’s fees and costs.

The amendment was passed and the bill passed in the House 106-10. It now makes its way to the Senate.

Read the full bill HERE.