MERIDIAN STAR – Mississippi regulators set to approve deal on utility rates

Mississippi utility regulators are likely Tuesday to approve a settlement on how much Mississippi Power Co. customers should pay for a troubled $7.5 billion power plant.

Once touted as a model for the future of coal, the state Public Service Commission forced the unit of Atlanta-based Southern Co. quit construction in 2017, with shareholders absorbing about $6 billion in losses.

The move means residential customers could soon pay about $2 less per month than they’re currently paying for the part of the power plant burning natural gas.

DAILY JOURNAL – State revenue collections continue modest rebound

Revenue collections through the month of January for the current fiscal year are $52.1 million, or 1.8 percent, above collections during the same time period for the last fiscal year, according to a report compiled and recently released by the staff of the Legislative Budget Committee.

WJTV – Senate considers bills to change how we buy, transport alcohol

House Bill 995 would allow people to buy alcohol at the distillery where it’s made…

…Lawmakers are also considering House Bill 192. It would allow people to move liquor, wine and beer through dry areas on a state or federal highway if containers are unopened. Right now, you can be charged if caught moving alcohol in dry areas.

Gov. Bryant: MDEQ taking public comment on use of VW settlement funds


WDAM – MS House Bill 944 to allow veterans rights for service animals



In the state of Mississippi, veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are currently not included in the list of qualifying disabilities for them to have a service animal.

According to Mississippi Code 43-6-7, every person that is totally or partially blind and or deaf are the only people who have the rights to be accompanied by a guide dog in a public place without having to pay a fee…

…The bill is sponsored by Representative Sam Mims (R), Rep. Kathy Sykes (D), and Rep. Dan Eubanks (R).

Currently, the bill has passed through the House and is on its way to the senate.

DAILY JOURNAL – Proposal would erase 4-year limit on university contracts

A senator says Mississippi could better compete for professors if the state did not limit university contracts to four years at a time.

Republican Sen. Terry Burton says many other states don’t have the four-year limit that is in the Mississippi Constitution.

On a split vote Monday, senators adopted Senate Concurrent Resolution 547, which would erase the limit. The proposal was held for the possibility of more debate, and it must also go to the House. If both chambers agree, the proposed constitutional amendment would go on a statewide ballot.

WLBT – Councilman inspired by jailed college student to try to decriminalize marijuana – Jackson, MS

CLARION LEDGER – New poll shows weak Democratic field for 2018, 2019 elections: analysis

A new poll released by YallPolitics has some strange matchups in it, but the undeniable lesson it confirms is that Democrats have a tremendously weak bench of possible statewide candidates…

…It also means that Democrats do not have anyone — outside of Hood — actively considering a 2018 or 2019 run who have the kind of name ID and favorability ratings right now to be a legitimate general election candidate against a crop of likely GOP nominees who are already statewide elected officials.

Congressman Palazzo cosponsors Armed Services Always Paid Act