A bill that survived the House floor deadline day, HB 49,  would allow for fire trucks to add blue colored electric lights to the back of the vehicle. The bill, authored by, Rep. Hale, was crafted in order to ensure the preservation of the life of Mississippi firefighters.

House Bill 49

  1. SECTION 1. Section 63-7-19, Mississippi Code of 1972, is  amended as follows:
  2. 63-7-19. (1) (a) Except as otherwise provided for unmarked vehicles under Section 19-25-15 and Section 25-1-87, every police vehicle shall be marked with blue lights. Every ambulance and special use EMS vehicle as defined in Section 41-59-3 shall be marked with red lights front and back and also may be marked with white and amber lights in addition to red lights. Every emergency management/civil defense vehicle, including emergency response vehicles of the Department of Environmental Quality, shall be marked with blinking, rotating or oscillating red lights.