by Alan Lange

Over the weekend, there was an incident at the Two Museums (Mississippi History and Civil Rights) where a group of “flaggers” took the opportunity to try and block an entrance to the museum complex.  The officer on duty, not identified, has reportedly been fired for his role in the incident.

I’d certainly encourage you to watch both videos.  What’s clear is that the “flaggers” were looking for a fight.  Whether or not the officer handled what was a very difficult manufactured situation perfectly is potentially a question up for debate, but what’s not debatable is that the “flaggers” were looking to both start and document an incident.  Truthfully the “he touched my flag” routine makes the “flaggers” look like enormous candy-asses and not the defenders of freedom they view themselves as, but I digress.

For those people of good intentions who’d like to make the argument that the current flag is part of our Mississippi heritage (and I don’t, but I think people of good faith can disagree), their point of view and identity are being hijacked by these “flaggers”.  It’s not people from the other side of the argument that will stop this kind of stupidity – it has to be people from their own side.  When people THEY respect and THEY listen to say that it’s not cool and it has repercussions for them in their social circle, that’s when this kind of idiocy stops.  If “defending our flag” is your thing, fine.  Go wave it ’till your heart’s content.  But being a jerk about it is, in fact, optional.

This is tough but necessary to watch because it shows what people of good faith in Mississippi (on both sides of the flag debate) are up against.  We’ve come a long way, but still have a long way to go.