Congressman Steven Palazzo (MS-04) today offered his gratitude to Vice President Mike Pence for his support in the upcoming election cycle, through his leadership PAC, Great America Committee’s, maximum financial contribution

“I’m honored to receive the continued backing of our Vice President as we enter the 2018 election cycle.  I had the privilege of serving alongside him in the 112th Congress, as well as working with him over the last year toward achieving our conservative agenda and making our country great again.

“Under this Administration we’ve been able to secure huge victories such as restoring our military, cutting red tape, eliminating the Obamacare individual mandate, bringing companies and jobs back to America and providing tax relief for millions of hard working Americans.

“I look forward to our continued partnership in 2018 as we work to secure our borders, support our nations infrastructure and make America great and prosperous once again.”

Congressman Palazzo Press Release