by Alan Lange

The early money is usually the most memorable to a candidate in any campaign.  Two campaigns in the race for the Republican primary for the Third Congressional District are starting to raise money in earnest.  The Michael Guest campaign and the Whit Hughes campaigns are both hard at work in that endeavor.

Early consensus out of campaigns is that it will likely take $750K to get through a primary and a runoff.

Michael Guest Fundraising Invites #MS03 by yallpolitics on Scribd

Whit Hughes Fundraising Invite #MS03 by yallpolitics on Scribd


As stated earlier, another candidate to watch on the money front is Perry Parker.  Word is that he’s making a sizable investment in his own campaign.  How much that will be and how much of a difference it will make will be watched closely.

We will be covering the campaigns full swing as they get more organized in advance of the June 2018 primary.