This bill isn’t the only of it’s kind, it would allow golf carts to be driven on some public streets and roads. There are about 11 bills like HB 1653 but this in the only one that would apply to Clinton roads. It was authored by Speaker Gunn and would mean golf cart drivers might no longer be restricted to the walkways of a golf course.

House Bill 1653

  1. The governing authorities of the City of Clinton, Mississippi, may, in their discretion, authorize the operation of golf carts only on public roads and streets that are within subdivided residential neighborhoods within the city limits of the City of Clinton, Mississippi. Such authorization must be recorded on the minutes of the city and may include all or as many of such subdivided residential neighborhoods as the governing authorities determine to be appropriate. Such authorization may be accompanied by conditions not inconsistent with this act and may be revoked, in whole or in part, by the governing authorities at any time. (2) With the exception of the area of the city designated as the Olde Towne Historic District, golf carts may not be operated in the nonresidential areas of the City of Clinton.