MS Correctional Facility in Pearl, MS

HB 1127 has been sent to the Senate and would clarify requirements for contracts between the department and private correctional facilities. It was authored by Rep. Kinkade and referred to Corrections/Appropriations.

House Bill 1127

ECTION 1. Section 47-5-1211, Mississippi Code of 1972, is amended as follows:

  (1)  A contract between the department and a
contractor for private correctional facilities or services shall
not be entered into unless the contractor has demonstrated that it
          (a)  The qualifications, experience and management
personnel necessary to carry out the terms of the contract.
          (b)  The ability to expedite the siting, design and
construction of correctional facilities.
          (c)  The ability to comply with applicable laws, court
orders and national correctional standards.
          (d) Demonstrated history of successful operation and  management of other correctional facilities.