A bill that was passed in the House and Senate would make provisions for veterans who suffer from PTSD to take their support animals in most places they go. The bill, HB 944, was authored by Rep. Mims and is on it’s way to becoming law.

House Bill 944

  1. Any blind person, mobility impaired person, armed services veteran diagnosed with PTSD or hearing impaired person who uses a * * * support animal specifically trained as a guide, leader, listener or for any other necessary assistance * * * in day-to-day activities shall be entitled to the full and equal accommodations, advantages, facilities and privileges of all public conveyances, hotels, lodging places, businesses open to the public for the sale of any goods or services and all places of public accommodation, amusement, or resort and other places to which the general public is invited, and may take the * * * support animal into conveyances and places, subject only to the conditions and limitations applicable to all persons not so accompanied, except that: