Central District Transportation Commissioner Dick Hall has been quite vocal about his disagreement with SB 3046 since it was presented to legislators only a week ago.

His main concerns with the billion dollar bridge bill is, as he calls it, a bridge to nowhere. Hall says the only good thing about the bill is the fact that lawmakers are finally recognizing something needs to be done.

  • There has been no increase in fuel tax, that supports MDOT in 31 years and expenses have gone up over 450%.
  • The Senate Bill takes $25 million out of the transportation budget. Those dollars go to state maintenance (i.e. fixing pot holes, cleaning up rest stops etc.)
  • The “supposed” $600-800 million extra is coming out of the Rainy Day fund, Hall says, there is no extra money in that fund after balancing the state budget.
  • The Governor would be in control of deciding what roads and bridges receive infrastructure dollars, not transportation commission.


The bill was introduced to the public in a press conference by Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves. You can watch his remarks on what the bill will do.

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