After a shockingly short debate, HB 957, the new education funding formula is dead.

In a vote of 21 to 23 a motion by Sen. Hob Bryan to recommit the bill back to committee was passed which kills the bill for this year.

The bill, which originated in the House was passed by members through committee and on the floor. After the vote in the Senate, Speaker of the House Philip Gunn had this to say:

“I commend the House members who voted in favor of this solid legislation at the beginning of session,” said Speaker of the House Philip Gunn. “They recognized that our children are a priority. I am very disappointed that the Senate missed the opportunity to provide our school children a better funding mechanism.

 “Those senators who did not support the legislation failed to do what is best for the students,” he continued. “They let the politics of public education get in the way of our students. We can argue about the dollar amount all day long, but no one can refute that this was a better way to fund education.”

Lt. Gov Tate Reeves Talking Points on the killing of HB 957, WATCH BELOW:

  • Many low income students who would have been funded on a higher lever had the bill passed, will not receive those dollars.
  • Those Senators who voted to recommit this bill actually voted to give students less money in the future.
  • “Kids across Mississippi lost today because Democrats are more interested in keeping a political tool”
  • Reeves said he will not stop fighting for kids from all families to have better education with more money in the classroom and less money in the district office.