CLARION LEDGER – GEOFF PENDER : ‘Remember Mississippi?’ Good Lord, how could we ever forget #MSSen 2014?

But really, how could anyone forget the wild, dirty, crazy, tragic, epic 2014 Republican primary? Even while many would like to forget it.

It had it all and then some: mudslinging, whisper campaigns, outside money, inside money, a break-in, a lock-in, an absentee candidate, a secret video. It had allegations of vote-buying, infidelity, arrests, convictions, litigation, “indecent things with animals” and, tragically, a suicide.

It was dubbed the nastiest race in the country that year, and if it wasn’t the nastiest in Mississippi history, it certainly was the most bizarre.

Lest anyone has forgotten, here are some highlights — or low points — to remember, or to try to forget, as Mississippi gears up for new federal elections.

MBJ – BILL CRAWFORD: McDaniel determined to take down an incumbent senator 

Well, here we go again. State Sen. Chris McDaniel has again anointed himself as the conservative messiah sent to save us from a successful incumbent U.S. Senator.

Most will remember the nasty and controversial campaign McDaniel waged four years ago to unseat Sen. Thad Cochran. As described by the Biloxi Sun-Herald, “that GOP primary race dominated the media and TV advertising for months in one of the nastiest campaigns in Mississippi history. The vitriol led to a blogger’s burglary of a nursing home, the suicide of a Tea Party stalwart, and whispering campaigns about extra-marital affairs.”

Now McDaniel wants to throw out Sen. Roger Wicker. There is no reason to expect the tone of this campaign will be any different.

WLOX – David Baria announces U.S. Senate Candidacy

“By the time those two guys are done I think there will be some space in the middle for a moderate Democrat, and that’s what I am,” Baria said.

Before the general election, Baria is in a field of six Democrats, and he’s looking for ways to finance his campaign.

“I just set up my campaign account today, so I started off with $100 that I deposited into it,” Baria said. “Right now, I do not have the money, but I have a plan. And I told people around here in Hancock County when I ran in 2007, I might get beat but nobody is going to outwork me.”

WJTV – Vicksburg Mayor to switch party affiliation

Vicksburg Mayor George Flaggs confirms to WJTV he plans to switch his party affiliation from Democrat to Independent in the coming weeks.

Flaggs says he plans to reregister with the Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office on March 20th at high noon.

CLARION LEDGER – CONGRESSMAN BENNIE THOMPSON: Trump’s racially charged, xenophobic words hurt our economy

President Trump’s incendiary, xenophobic rhetoric — often masquerading as homeland security policy — corresponds directly with recent declines in U.S. favorability abroad and overall global confidence in U.S. leadership…

…In response to the Trump Slump, the travel industry has recognized the impact and recently announced a new “Visit U.S.” initiative. Similarly, over 350 colleges, universities and educational organizations are participating in a Twitter campaign using the hashtag #YouAreWelcomeHere to reassure international students that American universities are safe and diverse.

Clearly, the tourism and education sectors recognize what is at stake should Trump continue down this reckless and appalling path. It is time for the president’s supporters to acknowledge that his continued use of racially-charged, xenophobic language, including his vulgar characterization about Haiti and the 54 countries on the African continent, undermines our standing in the world and hurts our economy.

Sen. Wicker, Congressman Palazzo attend send off ceremony at Camp Shelby



WLOX – Biloxi mayor meets with Cuba representative, discusses trade opportunities

Biloxi is working to develop trade opportunities with Cuba. A representative from the island nation was on the Coast to talk about business opportunities with Biloxi Mayor FoFo Gilich.

Because of the city’s location on the Gulf of Mexico, the Mississippi Coast is in a great position to trade with Cuba. Biloxi Mayor FoFo Gilich gave a proclamation to Miguel Fraga, the First Secretary at the Cuban Embassy in Washington D.C. Fraga has been on the Coast meeting with officials and talking about trade possibilities between his country and the Coast. Import and export of products could run through ports in Gulfport and Pascagoula. That could include seafood from the Gulf Coast.

Gov. Bryant sends condolences to state Sen. Kirby on loss of wife



The controversial vote to deny a request to hold a Starkville Pride Parade will be reconsidered.

The latest agenda published for Tuesday’s Starkville Board of Aldermen meeting lists reconsideration of the request as an agenda item.