McDaniel’s numbers are way down from 2014 in key counties like DeSoto

Last week Senator Chris McDaniel launched his campaign for U.S. Senate and was greeted by crowds numbering in the tens of people in Hernando, Biloxi and Pearl.

Take Hernando last Friday as an example.  Less than 40 people turned out to greet McDaniel.  This was in a county McDaniel won with 70% of the vote in the 2014 primary run-off election.



180226_DeSotoToplines by yallpolitics on Scribd

The Wicker for Senate campaign completed a survey of 300 self-identified likely Republican primary voters in DeSoto County one week ago.  The numbers there show Roger Wicker with a clear advantage in this key Republican primary county that McDaniel relied on heavily to produce large margins in his favor in 2014.  Wicker leads by 15 points while McDaniel is tied with Undecided on the ballot.

DeSoto County Poll Results

Thinking about a potential primary for U.S. Senate, for whom would you vote if the candidates were Roger Wicker and Chris McDaniel?

Roger Wicker                          44%

                                                Chris McDaniel                       29%

                                                Undecided                               28%

Further, the survey shows President Trump and Vice President Pence are very popular with DeSoto County primary voters, and their endorsements matter.  This survey was conducted before Roger Wicker received an official endorsement from President Trump, but the Pence endorsement alone is very persuasive.

Does the fact that Vice President Mike Pence has endorsed Senator Roger Wicker make you much more likely, somewhat more likely, much less likely, or somewhat less likely to vote for Senator Wicker?  Or does it make no difference?

Much more likely                    41%

Somewhat more likely            15%

No difference                          35%

Some/Much Less likely            9%

TOTAL MORE LIKELY           56%

Senator Roger Wicker Press Release